Columbia River Rainier, Oregon

Just like everybody else, I am a unique individual...

I grew up in the Southeast and eventually found home in the Pacific Northwest. I love it here. It rains a lot. While in college, I studied electronics and began my career as a technician in textile factory. Thirteen years into my career I came to the conclusion that I had had enough of the factory life. So, early one morning I walked out and never looked back. In the aftermath I partied for an entire decade took back control of my life. I chose to pursue my own interests instead of selling my soul to another blood-thirsty factory. Eventually I rediscovered my muse in the visual arts of photography and writing. Writing is also a visual art.

Since 2015 I have been working for a small aerospace company in Oregon where I do product photography, graphic design, copywriting, print ads, and other related and unrelated stuff. In my spare time I play guitar and read lots of autobiographies written by musicians. For better and worse, rock music has been a huge influence in my life. I am not religious. I do not follow sports. I'm passionate about not eating at fast food restaurants. And after all these years I still do not have a TV. On the Myers-Briggs personality type test I scored INFP. Sometimes I find descriptions of said type eerily accurate, other times, not so much.

What am I offering here? A glimpse into the world I see while hiding behind my camera. In time, I might even open up the never-ending amusement park inside my head. (Insert carnival music) Maybe we shouldn't go there.