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My name is Chris Crowder, I live in Saint Helens, Oregon. I have been teaching myself photography for a number of years. I first picked up the camera as a creative outlet in 1997; however, since 2011 I have been diligent in my pursuit to make photography something more than a hobby.

I like to create. I enjoy the entire creative process from concept through completion. I am always experimenting with different methods, styles, and lighting techniques. I am no stranger to improvising or fabricating the tools necessary to create my visions.

Types of photography I am interested in include: Conceptual Photography, Studio, Macro, Nature, Commercial, and Artistic. Since moving to Oregon I have developed a new interest in landscape photography.

In October 2014 my wife and I relocated to Saint Helens, Oregon from Madison, North Carolina. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message using this form. Or, connect with me on the following social media sites.